Drago Fist Of Approval Page has my personal recommendations and preferences of products that I use on a daily basis, and I am familiar with. These are not paid advertisements.

Jocko Fuel GO

This is my favorite energy drink, especially before workouts. I like the effects and this is the only enrgy drink that doesn’t give me the shakes. It will wake me up. I feel good after drinking it.

During workouts I feel energized, but without jitters or the shakes.

I also like the taste of it. My favorite is Black Cherry & Vanilla and Tropic Thunder. I only wish it had been available for the long nights in Iraq, on DA combat missions. It is phenomenal. Try it yourself!

Now you can purchase it in GNC stores and Military Stores e.g. NEX, PEX, etc,
or directly from Jocko at https://store.jockofuel.com/energy-x-focus/jocko-go


Drago Fist Of Approval: 100%

Bonefrog Coffee

If I drink coffee, I only drink coffee from Bonefrog Coffee. My favorite Bonefrog coffee is the “Frogman” blend. It is a dark roast with phenomenal aroma. When I wake up in the morning and brew it…the entire house is smelling like a coffee. In the past I wasn’t a coffee drinker. To me coffee always smelled bitter and tasted the same…until I tried this one. I am hooked. Not only it smells awesome; it tastes awesome! What else would you expect from coffee out of Washington.

You can purchase directly from Bonefrog Coffee at https://bonefrogcoffee.com/collections/coffee


Drago Fist Of Approval: 100%